24x Kuwaloo Lip Balms (Bamboo) + Product Display Stand

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Lip Balm Stand

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R$ 520,17

NOTE: VAT is already included in the total price!

Our products can be purchased in different ways and prices. We currently have an MOQ of £200 for wholesale orders for our entire catalog. The costs prices drop if the order is over £350 and again if more than £500. 

For those willing to test Kuwaloo, is here now the opportunity to purchase only 24x Lip Balms and we will offer the product stand (exactly as in pictures above).

Our MSRP for each lip balm is of £6.99, however you do have full control of your retail prices. For example, if you decide to offer your customers each lip balm for £4.99, you make 22% profit.

Homemade with 100% Natural Ingredients, for dry and chapped lips, leaving them healthy and soft, moisturized and protected.

Cold, dry weather or sun exposure can leave lips vulnerable resulting in dryness, chapping, or cracks.

Each balm stick is packed with ultra-nourishing
ingredients and when applied, the lip butter melts for a beautiful shiny finish. The special blend of Organic oils and butters will aid with dry chapped lips and also add a wet glow for a more attractive look.

Repair, protect and care for your lips on-the-go!

Not considered Vegan due to the use of beewax.

If you looking to know more feel free to contact us directly on 020 8243 8831 or via email supply.chain@kuwaloo.com