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You can choose   1  option from every of the   5  categories below.

We showcase the products below with a very short description of what they are, if you need any further information on a specific item, please click on the product picture to read more about it.

Bath Salts (300g)

Kuwaloo | Morning Sunshine Bath Salts 300g (Dead Sea Salts)Kuwaloo | Roses are Red Bath Salts 300g (Dead Sea Salts)Kuwaloo | Clear your Mind Bath Sats 300g (Dead Sea Salts)Kuwaloo | Time to Relax Bath Salts 300g (Dead Sea Salts)

Soap Bars (90g)

Kuwaloo | Coles Corner Hand Soap Bar 90gKuwaloo | Naked (Nettle) Hand Soap Bar 90gKuwaloo | Peace Gardens Hand Soap Bars 90gKuwaloo | Steely Looks Hand Soap Bar 90gKuwaloo | Bee in your Bonnet Hand Soap Bar 90gKuwaloo | Coal Mester Hand Soap Bar 90gKuwaloo | Ee by Gum Hand Soap Bar 90gKuwaloo | Wesh thi Face Hand Soap Bar 90gKuwaloo | Loxley Lass Hand Soap Bar 90g

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars (85g)

 Kuwaloo | Luscious Looks Shampoo & Conditioner Bars 85gKuwaloo | Herbalicious Shampoo & Conditioner Bar 85gKuwaloo | Scarlet Pimpernel Shampoo & Conditioner Bar 85gKuwaloo | Yorkshire Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner Bar 85g

Soap Dishes

Kuwaloo | Hemu Ladder Soap DishKuwaloo | Hemu Wood Soap Dish

Bath Truffles (40g)

You will get 3 of these!

Kuwaloo | Botanical Gardens Bar Truffle 40gKuwaloo | Everything's Rosy Bath Truffle 40gKuwaloo | Honey Love Bath Truffles 2x20gKuwaloo | Jaffa Cake Bath Truffle 40gKuwaloo | Lavender Fields Bath Truffles 40gKuwaloo | Sherbet Lemon Bath Truffle 40g

Although some do look good enough to eat they are not for consumption and should be kept out of the way of small children who may just fancy a nibble. 


Truffle + Dead Sea Salts To those who take regular baths, mixing the Dead Sea Salts with one of the truffles will improve your bath experience. Adding a subtle wonderful scent and dissolving into the water to soothe your skin while bathing.

Shampoo + Conditioner are best to store in the cotton pouches to avoid them drying more than they should.

Cold-Processed Soaps The soap bars can be stored on the soap dish (included on the collection) and fits perfectly on every bathroom sink.

Enjoy your Bath!