Effectively Sanitizing Hands the Natural Way


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Effectively Sanitizing Hands the Natural Way

If you’re having trouble finding hand sanitizer, just wait until you get your hands on Kuwaloo’s Solo Giovane.  This hand sanitizer is a powerhouse of natural ingredients that kill 99.99% of all germs and bacteria upon contact.  Not only that - is smells like heaven.

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has created a frenzy of people flocking to purchase hand sanitizer.  While the exact facts about the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus is still being researched, it is known that frequent hand washing does detour contamination that leads to the outbreaks.  For this reason, hand sanitizers have been flying off the shelves as fast as they can be stocked.  One manufacturer of a leading hand sanitizer stated recently that it will be months before they can even begin to meet the demand for supply.

Due to the scarcity of store-bought hand sanitizer, many have turned to their own devices, attempting to create home-made versions.  Experts have warned that most concoctions are ineffective and some may do more harm that good.

So...what’s a person to do?

Introducing Solo Giavane Hand Sanitizer

Kuwaloo proudly offering their exclusive Solo Giovane Hand Sanitizer well before the COVID-19 pandemic.  With a formulation of 70% pure grain alcohol and bonus ingredients like organic Aloe Vera juice, Black Willow Bark Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, and White Lavender Tea, the hand sanitizer is a favorite among those who appreciate the healing properties of the earth’s natural substances. 

As important as what Solo Giovane Hand Sanitizer has in it is what it DOESN’T have in it.  You’ll find no dangerous parabens or damaging paraffin in this fine mix.  Even the fabulously fresh fragrances are derived from nature.

Big Benefits of Kuwaloo’s Solo Giovane

Solo Giovane Hand Sanitizer rids hands of germs and bacteria the minute it makes contact.  The ingredients go right to work to kill dangerous, disease-causing bacteria and germs even after the initial contact. 

Unlike many other hand sanitizers, Solo Giovane leaves your hands soft and supple.  Unlike most other brands, this hand sanitizer smells absolutely delightful and...it’s healthy for you, not full of toxic chemicals as a number of other hand sanitizers are.

Oh...and one more huge perk - Kuwaloo’s Solo Giovane Hand Sanitizer is AVAILABLE!  Due to the heavy demand, delivery is taking an additional 3 business days, but that’s well before most brands are anticipating they can come through. 

Stay safe.  Be well.  Wash your hands often.  Get Kuwaloo’s Solo Giaovane Hand Sanitizer today!

The Solo Giovane hand sanitizer with different fragrances have been our best seller so far and that is what we would like the article to be about. We would like to let people know about our good products. In this case it's a win-win, win for the costumers as they get better then what they've been getting normally and good for us as we can grow our business and hopefully continue to bring what is best to people.

Thank you!

Written by Cheryl Jerabek 

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