Why Natural Lip Balms + Why Metal Tins instead of plastic tubes


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Why Natural Lip Balms + Why Metal Tins instead of plastic tubes

As soon as I discovered these organic lip balms, I was thrilled to try them!  

After using them for a few days, I am very pleased by their quality of ingredients, smell and specially by the choice of packaging which gives off a modern and natural vibe. 

Just after first use I experienced immediate softness in my lips and in my opinion these products represent the “best of both worlds” as they contain the organic top-quality ingredients and are sold in an amazing metal tin instead of the usual plastic tube. 

This factor was crucial for me as I always find the tube lip balms to soften and start to “break” after one week of daily use especially if we are talking about organic products. So, I decided to share here a few reasons why this package of choice is, for me, the current rockstar of packages for these balms. 

The main reason which makes it better to keep these lip balms inside metal relies in the fact that this material helps to protect the product quality longer (as it does not interfere as much with the chemical structure of natural ingredients over time as some plastics or papers do), blocks exposure to harmful light rays and protect against moderate changes in temperature which can cause the balms to melt, oxidate or lose their natural properties. 

In addition, this type of container can be manufactured and recycled more effectively and with less use of resources (energy, raw materials) than plastic, which makes this material the most sustainable option around not only regarding planet earth but our wallet as well. 

These super cute metal tins can also be used and reused for other uses and for longer compared to other material packages. 

These are with any doubt great quality eco-friendly products not only for the fans of natural skincare products who care about skin health and the quality of ingredients used in it, but also for the organic “lifestylers” who are trying to make this world a cleaner place. 

Written by Mariana Leonardo (https://www.linkedin.com/in/marianavleonardo/)

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